Why Fish4Dogs?

Tasty, natural and healthy fish-based premium dog food and treats; which are gluten free, hypoallergenic and packed with naturally occurring Omega 3.

A palatable fish-rich diet is not only nutritious but can help with coat condition, skin condition, joint mobility, digestion, energy and brain and eye development. Our award winning Sea Jerky treats have been voted “Best Treat” by the readers of Your Dog magazine three years running.

Fish4Dogs provide a range of high-quality foods and treats for both puppies and dogs including our Fish4Dogs Finest Puppy Salmon; Fish4Dogs Finest Adult Salmon; Fish4Dogs Finest Ocean Fish and our range of Sea Jerky treats.  Our Fish4Cats Finest range of cat food is suitable for kittens and cats of all ages and breeds.

Feed fish… and see the difference!
Breeder and Club Program

Breeder and Club Program